Find Out Why Your Energy Bill Is High

Hire us for thermal inspections in Beavercreek, Farmersville & Miamisburg, Ohio

If you think your monthly energy bill is unusually high, call Next Step Inspect, LLC right now. We offer thermal inspections in the Beavercreek, Farmersville and Miamisburg, OH areas. When heat escapes from your home, you're wasting money. Thermal imaging will reveal areas in your home where heat loss is probable. Schedule an appointment for a thermal inspection with Next Step Inspect today.

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Stop throwing money away

Heat loss could be seriously draining your wallet every month. There are several common areas where your home might be losing heat, such as:

  • Holes in your home's insulation
  • Gaps in your siding or exterior walls
  • Air leaks around windows or doors

Our thermal imaging equipment will detect areas like these where heat could escape. Once the leaks are detected, you can hire a contractor for repairs.

Start saving money on your energy bill. Call us today to make an appointment for a thermal inspection in Beavercreek, Farmersville or Miamisburg, OH.