Find Out If Creepy Crawlies Are In Your Wood

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If you suspect that termites, carpenter ants or bark beetles have infested your home, reach out to the pros at Next Step Inspect, LLC ASAP. Our skilled crew offers thorough wood-destroying insect inspection services for residents in Miamisburg, OH. You can count on us to provide you with a high-quality report of our findings.

Don't compromise your structure's integrity - contact us today to schedule an efficient inspection.

5 signs that you have wood-destroying insects in your home

5 signs that you have wood-destroying insects in your home

Many warning signs can indicate that you have an insect problem that could be compromising your structure. Trust our skilled inspectors to look for a variety of red flags, including:

  1. Damaged wood that's hollow or uneven
  2. Termite wings piled up around your home
  3. Insect droppings under holes in your wood
  4. Mud tubes on the ground near your structure
  5. Blisters on the surface of your paint or flooring

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